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A live-streaming app designed to keep you safe and connected to your community. Stream your situation live and have the world be your guardian.
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Project Vision

Half of the world’s population owns a mobile device. What if we put these phones to work? What if we use these phones to fight for our causes? What if these devices could save a life? Just.Live is the first and only mobile app fighting for injustices all over the world. Our stories, our voices, and our experiences are scattered. Our app was designed to put all of our experiences in one place. Together we can give those without a voice a fighting chance. Our App is a beacon of hope that one day everyone’s story can be told. United we stand, divided we fall.

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Unique Problems

Developing an application requires an in-depth analysis of use-cases, customer research and more. While we explored the scenarios this application would be used in, we came across an important and difficult problem. How could we protect user videos from being deleted by the wrong parties? We explored this problem extensively to come up with a solution that respected user privacy as well as providing them with security from bad players.

Solutions Provided

We developed a video retention system that relies on a two-step process to hide and delete a video. First, when a user attempts to delete a video it will ask them to authenticate using onboard biometric (FaceID or Fingerprint readers) security or a pin code. As an extra security measure, the action of deleting a video first hides the video for user privacy, then sets a 30 day count down until the video is actually deleted.

Development Process

We absolutely love products driven by passion to affect positive change in the world. Researching this product meant deep diving into the problems so we could gain perspective into the use cases for when, where and how this application would be used.

We extensively explored the events, cases, and videos that led the founders of this application to embark on this idea. What we found was inspiring and powerful, and led us to design an application that focused on 3 things-- safety, voice, and community. We wanted to build a user flow that revolved around instant access to live stream, view your rights, and communicate with the people around you. We wanted to build an experience that focuses on user stories and communication. Altogether, we wanted to build a platform that gave users a voice.

Once we had determined the use cases, we had a large engineering hurdle ahead of us. We first focused on the core component of the platform, live streaming. We explored countless potential solutions to build a scalable live streaming system. The solution had to provide instantaneous streaming, work on low-bandwidth connections and be able to support thousands of concurrent users.

The team worked on this product for over 1 year using Agile, enabling us to iteratively deliver a high-quality product in a rapidly moving space. This was a unique application requiring an advanced live streaming system. We built the applications natively for iOS and Android to allow for optimal performance. The team built a highly capable RTMP based live streaming system capable of thousands of streams and viewers concurrently, supporting adaptive bitrate and local recording fallback for all types of connections and scenarios. We utilized Node.js and Google Cloud Platform solutions to build and host the backend infrastructure of the platform.

The application went through intensive scalability testing to ensure it can stand up to thousands of users all around the world. We performed usability testings across regions to ensure global compatibility. We iterated countless times to perfect the user journey.

Just.Live is currently in testing and will be deployed to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Stay tuned as we join them on this journey.

Final Result

Just.Live has the potential to empower people around the world by allowing them to share their stories in a safe, secure way. Although the application has not launched yet, we are excited to contribute to a solution that gives people the ability to connect with and be protected by a worldwide community. Ad astra per aspera.

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