Case Study

G.A.M.E Plan

G.A.M.E Plan guides students to become better at task management and goal setting while providing advanced insights into how they think.
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Project Vision

Academic Independence is an educational consulting firm that uses revolutionary analysis methods to determine the student’s learning behaviors. Founders Lauren Price and Jen Verdugo envisioned an educational web app that could determine and analyze student learning behaviors and use that data to help them improve. G.A.M.E. Plan guides students to set granular goals, take data-driven action, evaluate their progress and monitor their journey and progress.

Web App Development
Backend PHP Development

Unique Problems

Every school term thousands of students get a completely new class schedule that has to be reflected in Academic Independence system and within G.A.M.E. Plan. New teachers are added, new classes are created, and students’ placement and grade levels change. To make it even harder, not every school follows the same schedule. Normally this would be an incredibly large undertaking, requiring the team at Academic Independence to spend days creating classes, teachers and students one by one, and then enrolling students within all the required classes.

Solutions Provided

We developed a semester change workflow that allows for a streamlined term change procedure. The team can create a new semester on an individual school level, upload students, classes and teachers in bulk, and process class rosters to enroll students in all their respective classes automatically. In addition, semester changes can be applied to automatically process grade changes and transfer the necessary data, significantly reducing the amount of time the team has to spend updating student data.

Development Process

G.A.M.E. Plan was deployed using a 2 stage beta process. At the end of the process, it was immediately released to over two dozen schools serving over 500 students.

Once we determined what features would be essential to the user experience we needed to design how we wanted the app to tie together.

We went through multiple design cycles while getting insights from students, teachers, and tutors to create an intuitive and inclusive experience. We wanted to use colors that popped without pushing away older students. We wanted to focus on intuitiveness and ease of use without sacrificing on customizability essential to the premise of the app.

The design team came up with a beautiful user interface based on material design that inspires students to use the platform recurringly. In addition, the team created a powerful brand logo that embodies the mission to help students navigate their education.

The team worked on this product for over 1 year using Agile, enabling us to iteratively deliver a high-quality product in a rapidly moving space. The team utilized Larevel/PHP to accommodate the client’s existing infrastructure.

The application went through intensive scalability testing to ensure it can stand up to thousands of students, teachers, and schools all around the world. We performed usability testings across different groups to ensure students of all ages could utilize the application effectively.

We absolutely love products that aim to use technology to improve the educational experience.

Researching G.A.M.E. Plan meant exploring the use cases for all types of students and understanding how to most effectively and intuitively help them. The application needed to revolve around analyzing student behaviors and helping them take actions based on those analytics.

We worked with the team to understand the student behaviors and learning analytics to gain insight into what features could empower students to dynamically improve their habits. We needed to design educational tools that could help students of all types take control of their educational journey.

A common theme we found was that most students would benefit from a goal-oriented experience that helped them achieve goals for different granularities and award them for success.

Final Result

Personalized education is the key to equalizing opportunities for students and allowing them to succeed in spite of their differences. G.A.M.E. Plan is revolutionizing the education field by analyzing student learning behaviors and providing them insight into how they can take control of their education based on those findings. Academic Independence rejects the one-size-fits-all method and continues to rapidly grow to help more and more students realize their academic potential.

Technologies Used