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About Savve

Savve is a geo-targeted consumer app that is created for the purpose of informing engaged audiences about curated special deals in the food service industry. 

Saave helps customers explore and discover eateries according to their preferences, and finds the best preferred deals to suit them with the help of seamless integration and custom made for you questionnaire that helps in displaying the best restaurant and dining deals in your proximity.

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Food and Beverages

The Problems

Both consumers and restaurants  have found it challenging to negotiate the post-pandemic eating scenario. With Savve we wanted to build a better method and a close knit network to assist these two groups in finding one another as consumers get to discover restaurants they love once more and restaurants to fill their tables.

Savve acts as a 3rd party platform majorly for the establishments to catch the crowd digitally and rapidly get more bookings through the portal.

Project Scope and Timeline

We initiated this project in November 2020 and started conducting a Scoping Session, Product Discovery Workshop, and created the Roadmap.

The final project was delivered in June 2021 after 7 months of  research, analysis , workshops, designing, development and rapid testing.


Project Challenges

The  objective of Savve is  to initially aid adverse effects that the pandemic has brought to the restaurant industry -- specifically, helping consumers make budget conscious dining decisions and helping restaurants bring customers in.

Here, our key challenge was to figure out what our close competitors are doing to solve the problem of our target audience and what new features we can integrate to make Savve more efficient from a user perspective.

The platform had to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for consumers to understand and use the technology.

Our Process

Going with our process, we conducted an initial Scoping Session to understand Savve’s long-term vision.

This initial phase of the project was followed by a Product Discovery Workshop to validate the idea and gather insights from potential users. We then conducted a Design Sprint to finalise the design and user flow for the platform for all 3 user segments: Users, Restaurants and Admin.

scoping   Scoping Session

Based on our research, there were three key components that were essential to Savve's value offering for end-users:

(1) deals for high-end restaurants,

(2) a personalised user experience, and

(3) a gamified approach to dining.

With this in mind, the product team conceptualised the Savve Wizard: a simple, intuitive flow where users could self-select their dining habits and find deals that matched their preferences. We also introduced a "Surprise me" deal feature that mimicked dating apps, where users could quickly swipe through deal cards and save listings that caught their eye. We also wanted to maximise value for our second user type, restaurant owners, in two ways: making it as easy as possible to put out eye-catching deals, and providing insightful performance analytics.

discovery   Discovery Workshop

We started our research process with an in-depth comparative analysis of existing products on the market to determine where there was room for us to build a solution that was solving a true user need. We discovered that the products offered to users before Savve were focused primarily on either quick, cheap bites on college campuses or drink and happy hour specials. This meant there was still a gaping need for diners that were looking for a personalised, high-end dining experience. We also found a need for an intuitive user flow that would account for customer preferences, including location, preferred cuisine, price range, food allergies, and more.

sprint   Product Design Sprint

During our design run down we found a need for an intuitive user flow that would account for customer preferences, including location, preferred cuisine, price range, food allergies, and more.

On the restaurant end, we found that there is currently no platform that combines easy discoverability and insightful analytics with the ability to offer deals to all of your potential customers.

The design sprint involved iterative prototyping, user testing, and feedback collection to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target audience.

strategy   Product Strategy

Based on the insights gathered from the Scoping session and Design Sprint, we developed a Product Strategy that focused on simplifying the user experience which is divided into 3 functionalities:

The primary goals for users are are

1) find customised deals based on dining preferences,

2) save money on higher end dining, and

3) make the decision about where to eat fun and easy

The primary goals for restaurant owners are

1) increase foot traffic for in-person dining and

2) spread word about their deals quickly and easily to people who are interested in them

The primary goals for admins are

1) manage the Savve platform (restaurants, deals, etc.) easily and

2) gain insight into analytics on what restaurants and deals are performing well

roadmap   Roadmap Development

We laid out a detailed Roadmap that outlined several milestones, including the development of a matching algorithm, the integration of secure payment options, and a few other deliverables.

The Roadmap helped the development team track the progress of the project and ensure that it stays on schedule.

Milestones: Wireframe and design-Platform framework-authentication-feed curation-location tracking-filter integration-push notifications-restaurant registration-editing deals-external links-side analytics-admin dashboard-user analytics and push campaign management.

design   Design

Our team of designers started by conducting extensive User Research on the target audience and the market to understand their needs and pain points. This helped us to create a comprehensive design brief and establish the goals for the project.

Our designers worked closely with the development team to ensure that the design was not just visually appealing but also functional and scalable.

Next, we went through multiple iterations of Wireframing, Prototyping, and User Testing to arrive at the final design.

design1   Design System

We wanted Savve's logo scheme and colour palette to wordlessly communicate that the app was fun, personalised, high-end, and attractive. To achieve this vision, we iterated on multiple design concept options to ensure we exhausted all branding possibilities.

Our colour palette options prioritised bright, playful hues that could not be mistaken for other brands in the space. We considered three final options for logo design. While we liked the sleek look of the hamburger pin, internal testing determined that the fast food association was not fitting for the high-end Savve brand.

Similarly, the piggy bank iconography placed too heavy of an emphasis on low-budget dining. Final result: Ultimately, we determined the utensil iconogrpahy and the vibrant green color scheme communicated that Savve was both modern and fun, while occupying a brand niche that was unique from other deal finding applications.

architect   Information Architecture

The IA for Savve was designed to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible to users of all abilities. Our team started by creating a site map that laid out the various sections and pages of the platform.

This application allows users to discover restaurants and deals near them, customized based on user inputted dining preferences. Users will be able to search and filter deals (map based and list based view), receive a randomized deal, and view all previously redeemed deals. Restaurants will be able to sign up for Savve after admin approval. Admins will be able to view aggregate analytics for deals, restaurants, and external links.

ui-design.   Building the UI Design

We designed a visually appealing platform that was easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. The design was incorporated as a result of the Scoping Sessions and Product Design Sprints.

The final design was tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience.


coding  Development & Deployment

Platform: iOS (iPhone) and Android for users and restaurants, desktop for admin.

Mobile Front-end: React Native
Web Front-end: ReactJS
Backend: NodeJS (Python as a backup)
Cloud Provider: AWS
Database: PostgreSQL (AWS RDS) with GIS
Storage: AWS S3
User Login and Auth: Firebase Authentication

Savve is now available on both the App Store and the Google play store, which means millions of users now have access to a high-end, gamified approach to dining.

Management  Product Management

Throughout the Development and Deployment process, we provided ongoing Product Management service to ensure that the platform met the client's expectations.

This included regular updates on the development progress, Quality Assurance Testing, User Feedback sessions, and additions of new features.

Final Takeaway/ The Result

Savve aims to help customers discover new and personalized high-end dining experiences and keep up with the ever evolving dining landscape. For consumers, the app will reignite the excitement of finding  somewhere new to eat in a way that is easy to digest and personalized based on user-inputted preferences. For higher end, sit down restaurants, the app will help increase dine-in traffic and get deals out instantaneously to a large audience.

 Savve is now also an official sponsor of the 2021 Tastemade Competition. Whether users want to swipe through deals curated just for them based on personal dining preferences, explore a map of restaurants near them, or save and share restaurant deals with friends, our app allows them to do it all. 

Restaurant owners can manage their listings on the Savve platform through both the website and the app, which means finding customers has never been easier. Owners can also manage multiple restaurants using one account, set recurring deals, and explore detailed analytics of how their restaurants and deals are performing on the Savve platform.

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