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About Opar

A networking platform that connects people and places-bringing closer to the unexplored version of social media the moment you become a part of the exclusive OPAR community.

This multi purpose social networking application comes with anonymous chatting experience and integrated with geo location that helps people explore the best and most happening places around the city. The application also has additional features such as photo/video sharing, two player games, anonymous chatting and many more.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Social Media
  • Product Development


Social Networking

The Problems

Since technology and social media are an integral part of our personal lives, social and professional life, there are an infinite number of apps launching every other day. The client wanted us to approach OPAR in a unique way, visually and practically, but with a strict finite timeline.

Project Scope and Timeline

As per the mutual discussion the team was assigned and allotted a timeline of 2 months to design and develop the product.

Project Challenges

The challenges with a project like this were innumerable, we had to develop a product that connects with the new generation of tech savvy people, but with an approach of keeping it unique in its own way and maintaining the originality of the application.

Firstly, The plan was to launch the product during the FIFA world cup 2022, so the timelines were bound realistically. We had to identify, design, develop and deliver within 3.5 months.

Secondly, Since most of the features were on the similar objective as other social networking applications, we had to make them visually appealing and unique to stand out.

Finally, As any social media platform works, the application was heavily collecting data from across the globe thus it needed to be seamless, secure and fast.

What we did

Our development process remains consistent for all design, development and product deliveries.

We start with understanding the entire project scope followed by our standard process  as per the business requirement.

  Scoping Session

To kick off the project both the teams had a detailed discussion about the long-term vision of the project, the scope of work, delivery timelines, and set the expectations on both ends.

  Discovery Workshop

This is the second step of our process where our design and research team collaboratively validates and ideates the strategy and plan going forward. During the workshop, the team conducted User Research, Market Analysis, and Competitor Analysis to validate the project hypothesis.

  Product Design Sprint

This step is followed to ensure that our prototype is functional, any iterations, design changes are executed during this step to focus and meet the needs of our target audience.

  Product Strategy

The collective feedback from the initial steps is then incorporated into the final strategy that helps in building the final product. During this step we decided to add more dynamic features to the application yet still keeping it user friendly and easily accessible.

  Roadmap Development

We created a roadmap by setting achievable goals for each timeline as decided during the initial phase. This part of the process didn’t only give us clarity of the progress and management  of the project.


Making any product visually distinctive is a work of creativity and vision. With OPAR we had to be very vibrant yet easy on the eyes for user comprehension. Our design team brainstormed and did extensive market research to create a wireframe that is feasible for development.

This process included finalising the product design, prototyping and multiple user testing to land on a result that is functional and scalable.

  Design System

The Design System for OPAR encompasses a wide range of elements, including Typography, Color palettes, Icons, and Imagery.

In order to guarantee that each design feature was integrated uniformly across the platform, we also developed a set of design principles. This aids in upholding the design's integrity and guarantees that the UX continues to be fluid and consistent.

  Building the UI Design

We designed a visually appealing platform that was easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. The design was incorporated as a result of the Scoping Sessions and Product Design Sprints.

The final design was tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience.


 Development & Deployment

The OPAR platform was built using React Native for the Mobile app. We used React JS, Node JS, and PostgreSQL for the Web app to ensure Robust speed and Scalability.

The platform was deployed on AWS and has since been updated and improved to offer a seamless User Experience.

OPAR, the newly built social media app is now live and ready to use in various locations across the globe.

  Product Management

By consistent QA testing, user feedback sessions, frequent updates on the development status, and the inclusion of new features, we make sure to provide  continuous product management services throughout the development and deployment process to make sure the platform lives up to the client's expectations.

Final Takeaway/ The Result

OPAR is a social revolution that has made social networking easier, more fun and interactive.

The application works well in favour of the users, as well as partner venues as a great marketing tool. As we move on to the next phase, OPAR has certainly created its own place in the social networking game in the digital world.

With the comprehensive idea of building an app that’s fun, useful and absolutely user-friendly was bought well by the target audience.

We at Simublade are thrilled to have been a part of this innovation and look forward to being a collaborator in all future phases of the company.


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