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Project Vision

Introducing Beer Run, the premier on-demand alcoholic beverage delivery app. Beer Run revolutionizes the way you enjoy your favorite libations by providing a seamless and efficient ordering experience. With a simple tap, users gain access to an extensive selection of top-quality brews and spirits from leading brands. Beer Run is committed to delivering convenience, speed, and reliability, and the app's intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly browse, select, and place their orders.

Discover the pleasure of Beer Run, the trusted app that brings your preferred beverages directly to you, ensuring every occasion is elevated with convenience and taste.

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  • iOS Development 
  • Branding
  • UI/UX Design

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  • eCommerce (On-Demand delivery)

The Problems

In a fast-paced world where convenience is paramount, Beer Run emerged as a solution to overcome the common hurdles faced by individuals seeking a seamless beverage delivery experience. 

Customers often found themselves pressed for time, unable to explore a diverse selection of their preferred libations due to limited store offerings. The uncertainty surrounding delivery status further compounded the inconvenience, leaving customers longing for a reliable and transparent solution.

With a customer-centric approach at its core, we needed to introduce a revolutionary app that seamlessly connects individuals with their favorite drinks, offering an unparalleled level of convenience.

Project Scope and Timeline

We initiated this project in July 2021 and started conducting a Scoping Session, Product Discovery Workshop, UX Research, and Wireframing and created the Roadmap.


Project Challenges

One of the key challenges encountered during the Beer Run app development project was the need to address two critical aspects: intuitive delivery tracking for users and efficient route planning for drivers. 

Beer Run aimed to provide users with a seamless experience by allowing them to track the status of their deliveries within the app. However, designing an intuitive and user-friendly tracking system that accurately displayed real-time updates proved to be a complex task. 

Additionally, it was essential to devise a thoughtful solution for drivers, enabling them to efficiently plan their routes to ensure timely deliveries. Overcoming these challenges required a meticulous approach to ensure optimal functionality, usability, and synchronization between users, drivers, and the app's backend systems.

Our Process

Our development process remains consistent for all design, development and product deliveries. We start with understanding the entire project scope followed by our standard process  as per the business requirement.

scoping   Scoping Session

During the scoping session, our team thoroughly analyzed the existing ordering and supply chain process to optimize the user experience. We identified areas for improvement, such as the cumbersome manual order placement and tracking. To streamline the process, we developed an eCommerce framework within the app, enabling seamless browsing, selection, and payment. Additionally, we focused on automating order fulfillment, implementing a system to streamline vendor and driver selection, order notifications, and efficient order fulfillment.

discovery   Product Discovery Workshop

The customer-centric Product Discovery Workshop for Beer Run app involved key stakeholders defining the app's vision and objectives. Through user personas, research, and discussions, the team gained insights into the target audience, guiding the app's design and functionality. Along with the same, the team focused on mapping out the essential app features and implemented varied design thinking principles to create an output more impactful.

sprint  Product Design Sprint

Wireframing, prototyping, and continuous feedback led to iterative improvements, ensuring a seamless user experience. The workshop formed a solid foundation for development, aligning the team's vision with Beer Run's brand and customer needs. By breaking the project in several phases and collaborating with different stakeholders involved, we evaluated different aspects of the product development and managed effective execution.

strategy   Product Strategy

Based on insights from the Scoping session and Design Sprint, our Product Strategy for the Beer Run platform prioritized simplifying the customer journey. We aimed to create a user-friendly platform, offer personalized experiences, and streamline the purchase process. This included intuitive navigation, tailored recommendations, and making digital tools accessible.

roadmap   Roadmap Development

We carefully crafted a plan to guide the development and implementation of the Beer Run app. This involved prioritizing key features and functionalities based on customer needs and market trends. We established milestones, allocated resources, and set timelines to ensure a smooth and efficient development process.

design   Design

Once the functionalities and user flows of Beer Run were determined, the subsequent crucial phase involved developing a comprehensive design system. The design team diligently crafted a unified visual language that harmonized with the brand identity and facilitated a seamless user experience. They meticulously devised a series of design principles, typography, color palette, and iconography to be consistently implemented across the Beer Run application.

design1   Design System

Beer Run adopts a user-centered design approach, prioritizing simplicity, accessibility, and a seamless user experience. Extensive user research informed the design process, resulting in a comprehensive design brief and clear project goals. Multiple iterations of wireframing, prototyping, and user testing were conducted, collaborating closely with the development team.


architect   Information Architecture

The team executed the creation of a solid information architecture for Beer Run by organizing and structuring the app's content and navigation system. Through careful analysis of user needs and behaviors, they designed a logical and intuitive information hierarchy, ensuring that users could easily find and access relevant information, products, and features within the app.

ui-design.   Building the UI Design

The UI building process for Beer Run involved translating the design concepts into a visually appealing and functional interface. The team collaborated closely with the designers to implement the approved designs, ensuring consistency in branding, typography, colors, and user interactions. Iterative refinements and feedback loops were employed to achieve a polished UI.

coding  Development & Deployment

Over the course of one year, the team utilized Agile methodology to iteratively develop Beer Run, a high-quality mobile app for iOS. Native app development integrated Moltin and Stripe for seamless inventory and payment management. Advanced order pipeline empowered admins with insightful order management, while drivers enjoyed an intuitive UI for efficient order handling. With a focus on simplicity, customers experienced a beautiful eCommerce storefront and order pipeline. The backend infrastructure was built and hosted using Node.js and Google Cloud Platform solutions.

Management  Product Management

To ensure robust scalability and user-friendliness, the application underwent rigorous testing. It was subjected to intensive scalability testing, with a focus on handling a large volume of orders while maintaining an intuitive experience for admins and drivers. Countless iterations were conducted to refine and optimize the user journey, resulting in an application that delivers seamless performance and an exceptional user experience.

Final Takeaway/ The Result

BeerRun Chicago has experienced a significant increase in order capacity, surpassing 50%, thanks to the application's automation capabilities. Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the app, fostering a newfound level of trust in the company. The positive impact on revenue and customer experience has been truly exciting, motivating us to continue this journey alongside BeerRun Chicago.

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